Work shops for the year 2015-16

1 20-25,April 2015 6-Day workshop on preparation of Resource materials for Teachersof Classes 9-12 in mathematics 25 KA  conducted
2  21.23 July,2015  Work shop on Effective ways of carrying out Textual Activities in Science Classes VI- VIII 40  KA  conducted
3 28-30,July,2015 3Day Workshop on Activity –based  and Integrated Teaching in Social Science 40 MR conducted
4 4-6,Aug,2015 Workshop on Developing Innovative Teaching methodologies and strategies for the promotion of 21st Century Skills: English 40 UPB  conducted
5 11-13,Aug,2015 Workshop on Classroom Strategies for managing diversity: Primary 48 SM conducted
6 19-21,Aug,2015 *Workshop on Content Enrichment and Teaching Methodology In New Topics Introduced In Class XI :History 20 S Murugan  conducted
7  1-3,Sept,2015 3 day*Workshop on effective Teaching Of Mathematics for PRTs 40 MI  conducted
8 9-11,Sept,2015 Workshop on solving numerical s in Physics for Classes XI-XII 40 KA conducted
9 5-9,Oct,2015  5 Day Workshop to create Regional TOTs across cadres 48 UPB  conducted