Director’s Message



Laxmi chari

Deputy Commissioner/Director, KVS, ZIET, Mysore

           KVS is a popular brand name in the Educational Sector. Kendriya Vidyalayas run by the KVS are in great demand among the parents of government and other service sectors, though the KVS was founded primarily to cater to the educational needs of the wards of transferable central Govt. employees. The success of the KVS can be attributed to the fact that it is a unique network of Schools functioning under one banner imparting quality education at affordable cost. Another factor that has contributed to the success of the KVS is that it defines excellence in education not only on the basis of academic results but also on value systems, contribution to community and self discipline. Awakening of the inner conscience of the teacher and the taught through multi-pronged strategies has been the hall mark of the KVS system.
           Realizing the core fact that the teachers are the engineers of excellence and architects of the Nation’s future, KVS has been making concerted efforts to provide such experiences to them through in-service training courses that can enrich and empower them to achieve excellence in education. To achieve its goals of staff enrichment and empowerment, the KVS started five Zonal Institutes of Education and Training, of which the ZIET Mysore became functional in May 2004. The other four ZIETs are situated at Mumbai, Gwalior, Bhubaneswar and Chandigarh.
Set in a serene ambiance in Mysore, the ZIET has made its presence felt throughout the country by organizing well meaning training courses for the employees of Kendriya Vidyalayas, which includes  Principals, Vice Principals, Teachers and Office staff. 
The mandate for the ZIET is to take care of the In-service training needs of the KVS employees. In addition to that, the Institute publishes study materials that will be of use to students and teachers. In the last Twelve years of its existence, this Institute has produced a large number of Reference Manuals, Handbooks and study materials & video Lessons .
         With the grace of the Almighty, the good will and guidance of superiors, support of colleagues, and co-operation of all the members of Kendriya Vidyalaya family, I have full confidence that the Institute will scale greater heights in future in pursuit of excellence.