The ZIETs since their inception have been regularly conducting short duration as well as 21 days In-service Training programmes through out the year besides undertaking some special projects.  KVS ZIET Mysore has come out with concrete achievements in the field of Education and Training, some of which are highlighted below:


KVS ZIET, Mysore conducted a special on-site training / workshop in class room Management covering all the schools of Bangalore Region and select schools of Chennai and Hyderabad Region.


KVS, ZIET, Mysore brought out “Advanced Study Material” for gifted students of class X and XII in the subjects of Science and Biology.(2005)


KVS, ZIET, Mysore took up a special project in the implementation of “Guidance and Counseling” and published a monumental piece of work titled Manual for School Guidance Programme which was used for the  Regional Level Orientation of KV teachers all over the country.The Regional Institute of Education (NCERT) purchased the Manual for  School Guidance Programme from KVS, ZIET, Mysore for use in their Guidance and Counseling Training Programme for Teachers of Navodhya Vidyalayas.( 2006)


A career conference cum Exhibition was organized at ZIET, Mysore in collaboration with RIE, Mysore where in teachers and students of six schools in the locality participated and benefitted.


First time in the history of KVS, ZIET Mysore brought out a KVS Quarterly Journal every three months which is providing a platform for all the employees to share their innovative ideas related to the field of Education.(2005-06)


As a culmination of the 21 days In-service Course for the Art Teachers, a Art and Crafts Exhibition was organized at ZIET, Mysore in a grand scale which was visited by students, teachers and general public and also by dignitaries of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, like Vice-Chairman, Joint Commissioner (Admn.), and Deputy Commissioner (Trg.), New Delhi.


The Institute has so far organized more than eighty six programmes since its inception in April 2004, which includes six Inservice programmes of 21-days duration and has brought out  thirty publicationsincluding training manuals/ modules , reference and report manuals, study materials, Guidance manuals, AND Quarterly Journals.


At the end of each programme a feedback is collected from the trainees to assess the success of each programme. The over all satisfaction level of the participants has always been on the higher side (85-95%) in each and every programme.


Another milestone was reached by KVS ZIET Mysore by launching the electronic version of KVS Quarterly Journal through its website. The first anniversary issue of KVSQJ is now available as an e-journal under publication. This is once again a pioneering acheivement in e-publishing in the history of KVS.


This is the only institute in KVS equipped with three Computer Labs having more than 60 computers with high speed broadband connectivity and with the installation of routers in various locations. A wi-fi environment also has been created in the training centre.


The institute hosted an international level online-training programme for 110 teachers of KVS with in collaboration with Oracle Education Foundation and trained teachers in Project based learning.


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